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Stuck...and...Adjusting Mindset for Growth

Updated: Jan 5

Consciously choosing to believe your characteristics are not predetermined, understanding that your "personality" is not fixed, and shifting your goals to progress vs. performance. This is how we get to inhabit a life filled with purpose and potential, and travel through its journey in a way that consistently feels sustainable and rewarding.

Rule #1: Learn, learn more, take action, repeat.

Rule #2: Put out effort, check progress, absorb the feeling, repeat.

Rule #3: Welcome discomfort, get comfortable with it, feel the shift in confidence, repeat.

This is how we confront deficiencies, move towards the unknown, and get purpose and meaning out of life and relationships. Life is moving in billions of directions within us and around us. It doesn't stop until our bodies and hearts and brains also stop. Until then, we can enjoy life on Earth so much more if we accept its shifts and move, grow and change with it.

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