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My background in acting, fitness, and education, as well as my experience immigrating from Argentina as a child, have 

been instrumental in shaping my theoretical perspective and therapeutic approach. I work from a relational, depth- psychotherapy framework, and through a trauma-informed lens. I have been providing psychotherapy services since 2013.


I am a trained trauma therapist, certified in traumatic stress studies through the trauma research foundation, which includes sensory modalities. Additionally, I am Level 2 Trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS). I know that exploring past emotional injuries, and that which has been implicitly learned, is crucial to befriending and understanding  ourselves, as well as to transforming unwanted behaviors and beliefs. I also know that the relationship within yourself, and the one between you and I, is key to an increased sense of clarity and well-being.

How I Got Here

I have long been interested in the internal world, and the relational dynamics that shape and develop our subjective experiences. I began adulthood studying method acting and character development - this was due to my passion for understanding the psychological complexity of human beings and their formative relationships. I was also passionate about holistic health and fitness, and worked with private clients as a fitness trainer. Becoming a mother led me to a career in education, where I eventually taught theatre for LAUSD. However, after several years, I found my way back to psychology.

I now integrate my many interests and knowledge in a holistic approach to psychotherapy, helping people heal from complex trauma and reclaim their true Self, while mindfully caring for their body, mind, and spirit. 


In deepening my knowledge about the impact that attachment relationships and trauma have on life-long patterns and beliefs, I have found truth and guidance. Following a professional journey in the psychotherapy field has been immensely meaningful. I received my Masters Degree from California State University, Northridge. Most importantly, I have received in-depth training from psychoanalytic centers in Los Angeles, from a variety of trauma-informed models, as well from trainings in sex and couples therapy, nutritional psychiatry, and psychopharmacology risks and alternatives. I continue to grow and learn through many significant relationships I have formed with integrative therapy professionals.

psychotherapy process

“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.”



How we view and understand the difficulties in our lives can burden or enlighten us. We cannot eliminate the trauma and challenges from our past, but we can make sense of them, discover the meaning they might hold for us now, and befriend our uniqueness.

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