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Couples Therapy

My trauma-informed, body-oriented psychotherapy services integrate

deep understanding of the body, mind, and spirit into a unique, holistic approach.

Couple Meditating

Family Therapy



In conjoint therapy we'll be exploring the dynamics in the relational field between the participants in the therapy unit. 

This may be a parent and child, a family, or a couple. 


The members of the unit that enter into therapy together will be

respected equally. This means that all their parts will be welcome,

the parts that are yearning to connect in a renewed way, and the parts

that are hesitant, concerned, or afraid to begin a more authentic dialogue. 


A stance of curiosity will be taken to illuminate and investigate

patterns, heal emotional injuries, and explore  the intersectionality

issues that have brought you to seek help. We will be developing an authentic and effective way of connecting and communicating, simultaneously meeting the needs of each of you as well as the needs of the relationship.

In couples therapy, both critical areas of a romantic relationship will come into focus, the companionship area and the erotic area. Your relationship has distinct needs in each area, and there are ways in which we can address them with the utmost care and respect, in order to honor where you are and where you want to be in your relationship. 

I am certified as a sex therapy informed professional (CSTIP). What this means is that, in couples therapy, I will be able to help you navigate both critical 

areas with knowledge and competence, so that your relationship can thrive.

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