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Individual Therapy

My trauma-informed, body-oriented psychotherapy services integrate

deep understanding of the body, mind, and spirit into a unique, holistic approach.

Individual therapy requires effort and commitment.

Why do it?

Because this work reveals you to yourself in ways that are, 

both, incredibly meaningful and empowering.


I become your partner and guide, yet you lead the way.

It is together that we get the opportunity to explore

your life's paths, illuminate new ones, and help you

gain a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose.


As your therapist, I encourage and support your exploration towards rather than away from.

We develop the necessary level

of safety for deep therapy work through a willingness

to approach it from a stance of curiosity.


I have extensive experience with individuals from a variety of cultural and familial backgrounds, with varying concerns and symptoms, facilitating their progress towards a greater Self-led life, and more meaningful relationships.


I help you explore feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that formed your understanding of the world and your perceived place in it. I lead you into spontaneous and sensory-led communication with internal feelings and belief states, unblocking your access to connection, compassion, and clarity.



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