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IFS Therapy

My trauma-informed, body-oriented psychotherapy services integrate

deep understanding of the body, mind, and spirit into a unique, holistic approach.

Dandelion Seeds

IFS, or Internal Family systems, focuses on exploration and communication between our wise Self and internal, distressed parts. It was developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz. I am professionally trained in this model and integrate it into our therapy work. We can also work exclusively using this model in your therapy sessions. 


Our bodies are consistently giving us signals. Our awareness of the body's signals helps us access our different parts, or feelings, that are expressed through sensory  experiences.


Accessing this awareness of sensory experiences helps us safely explore strong feelings that greatly impact our relationships, as well as our sense of well-being.


In our work together, we stay curious and compassionate, and begin to befriend and heal the parts of you that we identify and that you decide to explore in the therapy space.


Below you will find a short IFS meditation exercise as an example of IFS work, as well as a video of Dr. Richard Schwartz speaking about how IFS empowers and heals.

AUDIO: Welcoming Parts of Your Body/Mind with Evelyn

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