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Is Something Wrong With Me?

Updated: Jan 2

At some point, we all may notice this thought swirling around in our minds. In our mutli-tasking, technology-driven, individualized culture, many of us find ourselves having these types of thoughts and feeling the gut-wrenching suffering that comes with it. In fact, internal conflicts, emotional struggles, and suffering is as human as it gets, yet expectations, beliefs and external messages, can have us feeling trapped in this thinking, and suddenly we become aware that we just can't seem to shake it.

There is a missed opportunity here, to step into this struggle, and learn what it is about your relationship to yourself and others that is fueling this pain.

Stepping into the uncomfortable experience is where answers and healing is to be found.

Next time you have this type of thought, seeping in from this place of dread, take a moment to sit with it, to breathe with it and inside of it. Find out where it resides in, or around, your body. Ask it to show you what it wants you to know, how and why it is suffering, and listen. This may sound strange, yet when you try it, some magical things begin to happen. Approach this part of you with curiosity and compassion, allow it to have a voice, create a place where it can communicate with you, without judgment.

Giving it a voice, it can begin to soften. Being heard, it can begin to take on a new meaning and help you feel empathy and compassion for the very parts of you that have been rejected in the past. A new internal relationship develops, in which calm and openness grow.

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